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About me

Chris Mode :: Creative Mode

I have been lucky enough in my 50+ years of life to create successful 

businesses from passionate hobbies.

In 1990, I was introduced to rubber stamping. It wasn't enough to collect the stamps, I needed to be surrounded by rubber stamps and the creative processes they inspired. 

I began designing my own line of art rubber stamps and rubber stamp mounting system early in 1991. Each year, I traveled around the country to vend my designs and share innovative ideas at rubber stamp trade shows. In the earlier years, the shows were held in church basements, and school hallways. Over the years, the popularity of shows increased to the point where thousands of guests would drive hundreds of miles to attend a rubber stamp show. Now, these shows are held in state of the art exhibition halls! The industry has grown to immense proportions! 

In 2001, I hosted the first One OF A Kind Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Experience in Madison WI. I ran that show for 13 years. Just just recently, I passed the show on to a new owner. 

...you ask yourself..how in the world did you ever get involved in lampwork 

beads and art glass work?

In 2002, a friend showed me a handful of the most beautiful handmade beads I had ever seen....at that moment, I KNEW I had to learn the art of lampworking! I could hardly wait for my first lesson. It only took a few weeks to become totally addicted to glass bead work and fusing. My studio that used to smell like rubber now took on the sparkle of dichroic glass and frit. 

The new hobby took hold, and I couldn't get enough! Due to my busy work schedule, I was unable to travel to far away places to learn more about my new passion! So, I did what any passionate hobbiest would do... I started the Art Glass and Bead Show.

I am happy to say, the show has been going strong since 2005 and brings new vendors, techniques & ideas every year. Mark your calendars! This is a show you won't want to miss!

See you at the show!



Creative Mode, LLC  ::  Stoughton, WI  :: chris@creativemode.com  ::  608-838-8011