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2019 Art Glass and Bead Challenge

We are making some changes to our 2020 challenge this year!

I am not sure if this will be easier, or more difficult!  Our goal is to hit an all time high number or entries! 

We have eliminated the need to purchase a $30 bead so you can utilize your own materials.  

EVERYONE is eligible to participate!  

This years challenge will be to create a finished piece that meets these three guidelines:

—  It must have at least one component that was purchased from any one of our exhibitors (past or present).  

— This is our 15th year.  Your finished piece must utilize the number 15 in it.  Maybe it will have 15 beads, 15 colors, 15 links, 15 inches, 15 mm, 15 something… you get the idea.  Be Creative!  Think outside the box.

— Your entry MUST include a small card (not to exceed 4x6”) describing what single included component was purchased from what vendor (past or present), how the number 15 is hidden in your work and what inspired your entry.  Please feel free to include any Instagram or Facebook accounts or hashtags on your card so viewers can find you online.  This information card will be on display with your finished piece!  Keep that in mind as it may influence the voters.  Lastly, include a price if you’d like to potentially sell the piece at the show.   ON THE BACK of the card, please include your name and contact details.   Do NOT put your name on the front! 

Remember to have fun, be creative and join in the fun!! 

Now what are you waiting for??!  Get started!!


2019 Popular Choice Award - Deb Rades


Create a wearable piece of art to be displayed and judged by your peers and participating vendors on Saturday at the Art Glass and Bead Show.  If you accept the Art Glass and Bead Challenge, you will create a wearable piece of artwork meeting the above critera.  

All entries need to be received on or before Friday (Eve of the show). 

Anyone is eligible to participate. 


 You are quite familiar with the panel judges...your peers. Everyone who attends the show on Saturday will vote for their favorite entry again this year. Their criteria has surprised many jewelry designers, because they are not judging technique or creativity, they are basing their approval on whether or not they would enjoy wearing it. This prize is considered the Popular Choice Award.

Our winner will be awarded a $250 prize basket!!  


All of the ballots will be counted on Saturday night, and the winning entry will be on display until noon on Sunday. If you are the Popular Choice winner, you may pick up your Prize Basket from the ticket counter. If you did not win, you may pick up your Art Glass and Bead Challenge Entry after 12 noon. If you are not present on Sunday, we will mail your entry within 30 days. Creative Mode, LLC can not be held responsible for any damage or loss due to return delivery of the item.

2019 Honorable Mention Award - Teri Drews


2018 Honorable Mention Winner

Julie Raasch (right).

Show Promoter Chris Mode (left)

2018 Popular Choice Winner Terri Davis (left) Show Promoter Chris Mode (right)

2017 Popular Choice Award winner  

Julie Raasch (left) and show promoter

Chris Mode (right)

Left to Right- Chris Mode, show promoter, Mara Mednis, 2016 Challenge Bead Honorable Mention Winner

Left to Right: - Chris Mode show promoter, Cathy Lawson, 2016 Challenge Bead  Popular Choice Winner.

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